How to Play 80 Ball Free Online Bingo

Most people who play bingo regularly are familiar with the 75 and 90 ball versions of the game. Recently, many sites have started offering 80-ball free bingo online with new rules and an exciting pace. The ticket for a round of 80 ball free bingo online is very similar to that enjoyed with 75, with a few differences. All of the numbers are divided into groups of four colors, based on multiples of 20. Each card itself has 5 rows, each of 16 digits. What makes these a little unique is that rather than using tokens known as daubers to mark each number as it is called, the card includes shutters that a user can slide into place over each number as it is selected.

The Rules

The basic rules of every style are the same. The customer picks out his or her cards and purchases them. The caller spins up the balls with the numbers on them and then selects and calls out these random numbers. If a gambler has the number that was called, he or she covered the number with a dauber or, in this case, with shutters. Once a participant has covered enough numbers on the card in a predetermined pattern, he or she calls out the win and the game is over.

The Patterns

Because of the size and layout of the cards, there are a huge number of different patterns that a member can strive to create. Most people, even those who don't play on a regular basis, are familiar with the classic wining patterns, such as horizontal or vertical bingo, diagonal, and cover-all. This style is perfect for people who are going for more creative patterns such as the Big X, Four Corners, or Center Square.

Online or Off?

This is not a variant that is generally offered in land based locations, but there are a growing number of sites that are beginning to embrace it. Enjoying the game on the internet adds a social aspect that is often missing from the consistently silent hall, as users are able to chat between calls using a software based text system. Also, much of it can also be automated, freeing up more of the player's time to do other things. Though it is essentially a newcomer for the World Wide Web, 80 Ball free bingo online is quickly becoming one of the most popular styles on the web.