What Are The Most Common Bingo Patterns?

When getting involved with bingo, one will usually find that there are many great bingo patterns available in different rooms at different times. These are unlimited and offer a different twist on an already fun pastime. There are some cards that will have the shape or form that you cover in order to win shaded in to make it easier to tell when you have won. However, most often, only a blank card is provided. This means that you will have to pay close attention to the caller - whether virtual or real - in order to make sure that you mark the appropriate numbers.

Common Shapes

People typically prefer some type of familiarity when they are enjoying any hobby or pastime, and this means that while there are an indefinite number of shapes or symbols that can be used, there is a list of basic ones that are used most often. The standard ones consist of five numbers in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally or even four corners. Some rooms use the 'Cover All' method which requires individuals to cover every single square. Another common arrangement is known as the postage stamp and consists of a block of four, six or eight numbers.

Types of Bingo Patterns

In addition to the, there are also different rules regarding the designs. Some rooms will have standard or static bingo patterns. This means that whatever the symbol may be, it cannot be shifted or moved and users can only win if they mark each square that is required. Another option is called the "Crazy" pattern. This allows the image to be shifted by 90 degrees, 180 degrees, or 270 degrees in order to provide a better chance of winning. Finally, those that are considered "Wild" will offer a shape that is scattered and can be located at anyplace on the card as long as it is completed as required.

For Beginners

As mentioned, most of the options that are used during traditional events are the popular ones. This means that there are just a few that you really need to learn in order to enjoy yourself. When first starting out, it may seem difficult to determine what you are supposed to be matching, but after you have been there for a while, knowing which squares you need to have in order to win the pot will come quite naturally.