Learn about the 80 Ball Variants of Bingo

80 Ball is one of the newest variants of bingo to hit the scene, made even more popular by online gaming sites. The main difference between 80 Ball and the more common 75 and 90 Ball is the speed of the experience, making it very attractive to players seeking an element of excitement in their sessions. The ticket is very similar to the 75 version, but with a few noticeable modifications and variants of bingo: The card consists of five rows, each of which has 16 digits. There are a total of 80 digits on the grid. The digits are divided into four groups of different colors with intervals of 20 numbers between colors. Another unique feature is the inclusion of shutters that slide over called numbers, instead of daubers that mark the numbers.


The player buys 80 Ball cards. The caller picks random selections out of the container and calls the number. If the player has that number, it is covered on the board by a shutter. The player who completes the pre-determined pattern first on his or her board is the winner, and is then paid out and a new game begins.

Patterns and Online Play

One of the most exhilarating aspects of this format is the huge variety of patterns available. These include Big X, Four Corners, Center Square, and the more classic patterns such as Horizontal, Diagonal, Vertical and Full Card. 80 Ball was created with online users in mind who were searching for a new twist to the traditional versions found on and offline, but wanted faster action. Playing the game online means both USA and UK users can participate. It also means that more patterns can be incorporated, so two boards will never look the same and the action is always fresh and original. The advantage of doing it this way means that the features built into the software can take place automatically, freeing you up to mingle with friends or take part in side games.


In the grand scheme of things, 80 Ball is still gaining popularity among all of the variants of bingo and is still taking off. It is still considered rarer than 75 or 90 versions, but not for long. It is quickly catching on to mainstream audiences, and many reputable online bingo rooms offer this game as an option for its users looking for something slightly different and more fast paced.