Taking Advantage of Online Bingo Buy One Get One Deals

BOGO is an acronym that most people associate with grocery stores, but there are some online bingo buy one get one deals as well. Sometimes written as BOGOF, it stands for Buy One Get One Free. It is a fairly self-explanatory promotion often offered by grocery and department stores as a way to boost sales. Most of the time it is applied to two items of similar value, but if there is a difference in the value of the items, the item of lesser value will be the one that is given to the consumer.

How Does This Apply to Bingo

A number of online sites have begun offering BOGO bingo incentives to their users. These are usually limited by the number of cards that a gambler is allowed to purchase per round. Most sites offer a one for one deal, where the customer buys one and then get another. Others offer a 2 for 1, where the player gets one for every two that he or she purchases, or even a 1 for 2 or more, where the purchaser receives more than one freebie for each single card purchased.


Having more cards in play increases the users overall odds, though this is generally kept to a minimum by the house because of max card limits. It also allows the player to enjoy the game for a much longer amount of time, as well as helping to protect his or her bankroll by reducing the overall number of rounds. There are very few, if any, downsides to these online bingo buy one get one deals.

Is it Really Free?

Many people who frequent casinos often find themselves trapped behind wagering requirements or other bits of red tape as a reward or consequence for accepting the welcome bonuses that most casinos offer. In the case of online bingo buy one get one deals, there is no wagering requirement, no minimum or maximum wager, and nothing that even really needs fine print to explain. The only restriction to these deals is that they can only be used on 75 and 90 ball rooms. While this is not nearly as popular as some of the other well-known casino games, there is enough of a market for the game that the sites that host it feel comfortable enough to offer this sort of drastic incentive.