Online vs. Land Based Bingo: Changing the Game Forever

Bingo has been in existence for many years. The traditional version is played in halls, with large groups of people listening to the caller shout out numbers as they mark off their tickets. With the advent of digital technology, the game has become immensely popular across the world, with millions of people taking part in this enjoyable experience. Online vs. land based bingo is a hot topic, since the virtual version can be considered less personal and certainly less traditional. That being said, a large number of virtual users have never enjoyed the game in any live form, and probably never will.

Differences and Similarities in Online vs. Land Based Bingo

The basic game played on the Internet is essentially very similar to the traditional version. The principle is the same: to match the numbers drawn to the numbers on a card, or ticket, to win prizes. The most obvious difference is the physical setting. Instead of sitting in a hall surrounded by others, virtual participants sit in front of their computers. This contrast has led to the massive worldwide increase in popularity of the game. One of the biggest differences between online vs. land based bingo is the fact that there are game available on the Internet 24/7.

Misconceptions about Web-Based Fun

One of the primary aspects of live bingo has always been the social aspect. Groups of friends meet and mingle as part of a night out. It is a common misconception that internet play is a lonely and solitary experience. The Internet variation has its own form of social interaction that takes communicating to a worldwide level with the opportunity to chat with a global base of players in the UK, USA, and everywhere else.

Differences and Opportunities on the World Wide Web

One significant factor that has made online versions so popular is the range of games available and the sizes of prizes. Live variations have always been limited due to space constraints. Because of the sheer volume of people playing on the Internet, the prizes available are far greater than those at the local spot. Many sites offer free bonuses and promotions for trying out their service, and ongoing promotions to reward their loyal customers. There are thousands of halls in the UK, and many of these live houses have started networking with online sites for a shared jackpot. While brick-and-mortar halls will survive for the foreseeable future, there is no doubt that most of the growth is coming from the web.