Have Fun In The Roaring Twenties With This RTG Bingo Review

RealTime Gaming (RTG) has a winner with its Roaring Twenties online game. This system is designed for people who enjoy the simplicity of a game that includes only the necessities, making participation very straightforward and easy to learn. Different from how it has traditionally been played in halls with multiple players, here there is one participant who is attempting to clear old familiar bingo patterns within a specified number of turns. If successful, money is paid out at a rate that is outlined before starting. Any RTG Bingo review would be remiss if it did not point out that game progression is fast, fun and can be quite lucrative for serious players.

Options and Features

There is no end to the combinations that can be formed in this version of the game. Hundreds of cards can be drawn at any given time and it is the same for the auto function. Given the multiplier effect, there can be thousands of cards that are active, increasing the odds of winning. Since the sheer number of combinations can make it difficult to view on screen, there are different sizes being displayed, with four large and six smaller cards at a given time being shown. Scrolling along the screen allows patrons to see all of the different hands that are in use. There is no card swapping for better luck in a heat, one feature that has been identified as beneficial in this RTG Bingo review.

Betting Range and Payouts

Wagers can range from 1 cent up to $5, with players using their own discretion at the time of betting. Because there is so much variability between the possible combinations between cards and wagers, there are arrow keys that allow for easy setup parameters and increases can happen by ten at a time to save clicking needs. There are 90 traditional bingo balls that are used, plus one additional wild option. In any given draw, there are 48 balls called and if a pattern is matched, money is one and a payout is automatically generated.

The Roaring Twenties bingo also has a bonus option called an Extra Ball Replay that doubles the bet and increases the called balls to 53. The jackpots are also progressive; in cases where the correct patterns correspond to the drawn cards, some pulls will pay out at 10,000 times the bet. There are also major and minor pots that can be won. The combination of these incentives can make for a lucrative game when players maximize their betting strategies.