UK Bingo Rooms Rise in Popularity

Bingo has been a very popular online game in the United Kingdom area for quite some time, with no signs of slowing down. It rose to popularity back in 1960 when the Gaming Act was passed by Parliament and the bingo halls were completely reinvented to elegance and sophisticated entertainment. Now, in 2014, you no longer have to travel to play - there are many fun and legitimate UK bingo rooms on the Internet waiting to welcome you.

How It's Set Up

There are a few key differences in the way the game is played in the United States and the United Kingdom. UK bingo rooms use 90 balls, unlike the typical 75 used in the United States. Another significant difference is the way the cards are structured - or the "tickets", as they are called in the United Kingdom. The tickets feature 3 rows and 9 columns. The rows contain 5 squares with numbers from 1 through 90 and there is no free space. The calling board is a little different than the U.S. version and contains 90 possible numbers, set up in rows of 15.

Playing Online

The UK bingo sites you can find on the Internet have their own distinctive style. For example, they call the numbers in keeping with local and cultural tradition with a dash of whimsy such as the nickname Brighton Line for number 59, the original number of an engine from the London-Brighton route. Other nicknames are taken from Cockney slang or popular rhymes. Another fun part of playing online is the chance to win multiple prizes per round. There are 3 different ways to win - one horizontal line, two horizontal lines and a "full house" combination. These add an extra element of fun and excitement. Remember it is crucial to find a reliable site to gamble at, so look for safe online casinos with - They have a dedicated team updating their information with trusted Canadian casinos to keep your mind at ease.

Popularity Measure

An estimated 3 million people are currently enjoying the UK bingo rooms. Attendance at the brick and mortar halls is even bigger than at spectator sports, which makes it easily one of the most popular pastimes in the United Kingdom. Although the often heard misconception is that only the elderly enjoy the game, the fact is that 90% of the online players are actually under 50 and it is one of the most popular activities for women aged 20 to 25. The rise of Internet gaming has helped make it more accessible and interesting to the younger crowd. The market will undoubtedly continue to grow and thrive just as it has in the United States.